MB&F Unveils Stunning Clock for Space Fans

published on 31 Mar 2017
Speaking of rockets and space launches, MB&F and L'Epée 1839 have a brand new creation to celebrate space exploration: the Destination Moon table clock, unveiled at Baselworld recently. This clock is inspired by 1960s-era science fiction rockets.

After past collaborations like Balthazar and the Starfleet Machine, Max Büsser and the MB&F team partner up with L'Epée again to execute this stunning vision. It gains its power from a single barrel with an eight-day power reserve and moves with a multi-stage vertical architecture. It transfers power up to a digital display that rotates. Above its crown is the Destination Moon's pilot named Neil who is posed on a ladder. 

MB&F has included space man characters in their creations before: its Astrograph pen was designed and built with Caran D'Ache. The Destination Moon will be available in four styles, each with different finishes. Three of them will feature PVD coatings in blue, green, or black, and the fourth will be finished in polished palladium. All four configurations of this moon clock will be limited to 50 pieces worldwide and carry a sky-high retail price of around $20,000 (€18,700).

Photos: MB&F