Disney Wants to turn "Star Wars into a Luxury Experience

published on 19 Apr 2017
If you were wondering what's coming up next from Disney, we have the answer: it's not a blockbuster, but rather a Star Wars-themed luxury resort, set to debut within Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 2019. 

Disney reportedly sent out a survey to guests to determine their interest in a possible hotel resort experience inside Disney World, possibly located in Star Wars Land, that would offer an immersive experience making you feel like you're spending your time in a spaceship. The concept art features a lobby, guest rooms and other areas of the resort inspired directly by Star Wars movies.

Disney proposes a price of $900 to $1,000 per guest for a two-night, all-inclusive package, which also includes a two-day story set in the Star Wars universe, personal interactions with Star Wars characters, live performers all over the spaceship and the ability to engage in the story with flight and lightsaber training, exploration and personalized secret missions. There are also buffet meals, a pool and water garden, fitness location, onboard cantina and robotic android butlers.