Apple's Cash Reserves Keep on Swelling

published on 02 May 2017
If being the largest company in the world by market cap and the most popular smartphone maker was not enough, Apple can also add the title of public company with the biggest cash pile. 

Apple's cash hoard is on track to exceed $250 billion this quarter, considering that the smartphone giant has reported $246.09 billion in cash reserves at the end of the last quarter and has not ventured into any new acquisitions this quarter, for which it's poised to report earnings and other financial statements on May 2. Apple is holding most of this mountain of cash overseas to avoid taxes, but that could change soon thanks to U.S. President Donald Trump's plans for a tax break that would encourage U.S. companies to repatriate overseas money. Apple's intention to bring cash back to the U.S. was expressed earlier this year by CEO Tim Cook.

Analysts expect Apple to report adjusted earnings per share of $2.023 on $53.079 billion in revenues this quarter, but the real question to which investors are eager to find an answer is whether Apple will be able to beat expectations again after doing so in seven of the past eight quarters. Experts see the price of Apple shares to grow to $163.30 on average, up from $146.19 currently. 

Photo: © Roman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock