An Aston Martin SUV is Finally Coming our Way

published on 07 Apr 2017
Have you been dying to see an Aston Martin SUV on the market? Well, good news, because the Aston Martin DBX concept that was discussed and presented two years ago is actually going to be created, according to a press release issued by the carmaker. 

Aston also also offered further details about their new manufacturing facility in St. Athan, South Wales, which is where the SUV will be produced in 2019. "Due to its sheer size and scale, the St Athan Super Hangars represented an excellent opportunity for us to build our second manufacturing facility, within the envelope of an existing structure…It is perhaps fitting that St Athan is, like our headquarters and sports car factory at Gaydon, a former Royal Air Force base," said Aston Martin President and CEO Dr. Andy Palmer. 

Additionally, Aston Martin has some pretty serious industrial expansion strategies being put into action. By 2020, Aston Martin plans to create 1,000 new jobs spread across their pair of manufacturing sites, while an additional 3,000 will be added to the "supply chain and local businesses in Wales." 

Photos: © Yauhen_D / Zavatskiy Aleksandr via Shutterstock